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Thursday, 28 January 2010

My Magazineeee

Here is my final magazine.
I decided to feature Dan as the director of my film on the cover, inspired by the magazine that I analysed.
I am quite pleased with the result of this. I think it looks brilliant, superb, impressive and exciting :D
I used five different typefaces because it is something an actual 'Sight and Sound' magazine would have.
The image is featured and stands out against the plain background. Dan looks casual and friendly and he is looking straight into the camera, which I think is effective because it makes the reader want to know more about him.
I used a colour scheme of red and black/grey colours. I think this is effective because relates to the film genre, horror. I like the burst of colour (the red) because it makes the writing stand out more and the fact that it is used throughout the cover, ties the image nicely together.
I tried to make the text on the cover interesting and intrigueing, to make the reader want to buy the magazine to read the stories inside.
It is quite risky to have an unknown director on the front cover of a magazine because some people will not buy it if they don't recognise the person on the front. I think this image works though because, with the text, it comes across as if it is going to be an inspirational article about this new director, and everyone loves a good inspiring story. Also, loyal consumers of the magazine would still buy this magazine because they will enjoy previous issues and will trust that Sight and Sound will not feature this director if he wasn't worth knowing about. Therefore, it will really promote Dan as a director in the world of film. Thus, in turn, promoting our film as well! :)

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